Welcome to the conference
“System economics,
socio-economic cybernetics,
soft measurements in economy”

About Us

The subject area of the conference is connected with the key aspects of the system paradigm forming in the socio-economic sphere.

System economics, socio-economic cybernetics, and soft measurements in economy form a coordinate space,
into which the actual problems of modern
society and ways to improve the quality
of life of people are delved.

Our Mission

Our Mission is the organization
of professional communications
aimed at creating a holistic
understanding of socio-economic
dynamics and combining
the efforts of scientists and
practitioners to ensure
the sustainable development
of countries and the world
economic community
in the context of digitalization
and the use of artificial intelligence.

All in Your Hands

We invite everyone interested
in this issue to take part
in the conference.

“If you believe that the world cannot be changed, it only means that you are not one of those who will change it”.
– Jacque Fresco

A man squeezing a butterfly in his palms asks the Wiseman:
-Is it alive or dead?
-Everything is in your hands, – said the Wiseman.





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